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Waiver Programs

Scioto Trails currently serves people in residential settings through DODD waivers or private pay in Ross, Pike and Scioto counties. Our waiver program began with serving 4 licensed waiver homes in Pike County with approximately 20 individuals to now serving approximately 40 people in various settings including remote monitoring in Ross and Pike County.

Our management structure consists of our Director of Waiver Services- Ross County, Angela Wisecup and the Director of Waiver Services – Pike County, William Balzer.

Scioto Trails has a nursing department that provides 24 hour nursing oversight to all waiver individuals. The nursing department is comprised of Tonja Helmick, RN Director of Nursing, and several LPN professional nurses. Delegated Nursing is utilized in all of our homes. The nursing department provides a weekly on site visit and off hour on call oversight to all Waiver homes. The goal of the nursing staff, in collaboration with Medical Director Catherine Farinet, M.D., is to ensure optimal health maintenance of all individuals. This is accomplished through routine assessments, yearly physicals, and following medical recommendations related to all aspects of healthcare.

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