Scioto Trails

Individualized Care

Because each individual that we serve is unique and special in their own way, it is essential that we create programs and supports that specifically focus on individuality. To accomplish this goal, all direct care support professionals complete job shadowing by management or a seasoned lead staff member to ensure staff are knowledgeable and comfortable with all pertinent health related needs and programming plans for individuals. When starting new services for individuals, Scioto Trails management team is very involved in each step of the process to make sure all aspects of their services and supports are in place for every individual.

Why Scioto Trails?

Scioto Trails is proud of our commitment to employ the most compassionate and dedicated associates to care for the people we serve. Our focus is on their individual goals, desires and helping them reach their highest potential. We have a passion for what we do and our team is made up of people who have devoted their lives to helping individuals with disabilities.

All of our Direct Support Professionals undergo a full week of orientation including First Aid, CPR, MUI training, Medication Administration Certification, Positive Behavior Support/MANDT System, Trauma Informed Care, Positive Culture and Self-Determination.

Our supervisors are truly caring people that exhibit four main attributes:

  • Consistent follow-up
  • Respectful communication
  • Attention to detail
  • And most importantly, PASSION!